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wifi printer setup for a non-mac user

someone's bringing me their imac, a new brother wifi-capable mfc printer, and their dsl modem/wifi router combo unit. in theory, i should be able to hook up the printer to the wifi (the mac should already be configured for it) and set it up here, even without the modem part connected to the internet (its wifi and local lan will still work)--and they take it all back home, reconnect, and everything 'just works'.

i haven't used a mac day-to-day since the se/30 days. any tips? or is it as simple as connecting the printer to the wifi (manually via the printer's panel) and running the installer from brother's web site (carried over to the mac via a fat32 usb flash drive)? or is there something else i'll need to know? the mac has os13.6. thanks!