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Does Trump being found guilty actually matter?
  • His legal strategy has been to delay all trials until after the election. He wasn’t able to delay this one that far so it happened during the campaign. It’s entirely his fault that his sentencing hearing starts right before the convention.

  • Does Trump being found guilty actually matter?
    1. Most Americans already knew he was a criminal and either strongly opposed him or strongly supported him, in part on that basis. There are a lot of other people who usually or often vote Republican, but also just don't always vote. Those people aren't going to be enthusiastic about showing up to vote for a felon. I think we're looking at extremely low turnout among non-MAGA Republicans. Optimistically, this scenario can also lead to a blue wave as those same people skip down-ballot races as well.
    2. First-time offenders get lighter sentences. He's going to be convicted in multiple upcoming trials, and in all of them he's now going to enter the sentencing phase as a felon. We can look forward to extended prison sentences in Georgia and the federal cases.
  • Is there any jail time with Trumps conviction
  • It's up to the judge and can range from no prison to four years. A nonviolent first-time offense usually means a lighter sentence, but the judge can also factor in the complete lack of contrition and the numerous egregious gag order violations. These make prison significantly more likely than it otherwise would be.

  • Google Tries to Pay Off the Antitrust Division & said juries (normal people) cannot decide hard cases.
  • A fine of less than $1 million is absolutely not what anyone except Google is asking for.

    The DOJ can really only ask for treble damages. If Google paid ~$3 million, that's realistically as good as the DOJ was going to get. It sounds like the initial estimates were just way off. Nobody should be shocked that the inept antitrust division screwed up again. They're going after big, buzz-worthy names without the facts or law to actually back it up.

  • Google Tries to Pay Off the Antitrust Division & said juries (normal people) cannot decide hard cases.
  • The headline is strange. The DOJ sued for money and Google just straight up gave them the money they could have won upfront. That's not a "pay off"; it's literally what they asked for. It's a win for the DOJ. Google's argument against a jury trial also seems on solid ground. The right to a trial by jury is meant as a protection for Americans; the government itself doesn't have the right to demand a jury. If the defendant thinks the legal issues in the case are too arcane and a judge is more likely to get it right (and get it right faster, which is cheaper), that's their prerogative.

  • Apple Patent Hints At Foldable iPhone With Self-healing Screen
  • Apple made no announcement or advertisement of any sort. Government patent examiners, after careful review, determined this is a novel invention or improvement. It's not possible for your comment to be any more literally wrong than it is.

  • Big Tech to EU: "Drop Dead"
  • They’ve used the same segments for a long time and presumably maintain them for consistency, so I think it really just tells us that they used to sell very little there. India, in particular, has been a large growth market for Apple in the past couple of years, but is still just thrown in with “Europe.”

  • Is This the End of Plastic? Visa's New Technology Could Replace Physical Cards
  • “The industry is at a pivotal point - new technologies like Gen AI are rapidly shifting how we shop and manage our finances,” said Jack Forestell, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Visa.

    This is so cringey. I get that investors are randomly throwing cash at companies that talk up "generative AI," but it has nothing to do with anything they announced. Is it impossible to just be content with ridiculously sophisticated algorithms? Did someone hold a gun up to these people and demand they spit out some drivel that uses the buzzwords du jour?

    Also, the headline feature was solved a decade ago when Apple Pay was released (and no, not by the janky predecessors of Apple Pay but specifically with the launch of Apple Pay, which everything was then changed to replicate). One device that can hold an entire wallet of cards and I can choose what to use right when I pay? Wow! So new.

  • Apple will pay Americans $349 from iPhone settlement – no receipt is necessary
  • You're leaving out the most import part. Class members are:

    Individual persons who are United States residents and who own or owned an Apple iPhone 7 or 7 Plus between September 16, 2016 and January 3, 2023, and reported to Apple in the United States issues reflected in Apple’s records as Sound-Speaker, Sound-Microphone, Sound – Receiver, Unexpected Restart / Shutdown, or Power On – Device Unresponsive

    Based on the amount of money allocated for the settlement, the class members represent significantly less than 1% of iPhone 7 owners.

  • Why does the aurora borealis appear to be white in the sky but in pictures it has nice coloration?
  • A long exposure allows more of the light to be captured but that’s not the reason for the color discrepancy. They really are as colorful as they appear in photos but human night vision is primarily black and white. We just don’t see a lot of color unless it’s sufficiently bright and since auroras are still quite dim in absolute terms, our eyes aren’t capable of recognizing the full intensity of the color.

  • Apple introduces M4 chip
  • The "bento box" graphic during the presentation yesterday said AV1. From the press release:

    The Media Engine of M4 is the most advanced to come to iPad. In addition to supporting the most popular video codecs, like H.264, HEVC, and ProRes, it brings hardware acceleration for AV1 to iPad for the first time. This provides more power-efficient playback of high-resolution video experiences from streaming services.

  • Apple iPhone sales decline 10% in first three months of 2024
  • The main reason sales fell this year compared to the year-ago quarter is because the quarter before that Apple wasn't able to keep up with iPhone 14 demand leading to shortages and depleted channel inventory. The following quarter they were able to meet demand and replenish the sales channel leading a boosted year-ago quarter that was $5 billion bigger than it really should have been. Apple didn't have the same production shortages for the 15 launch. It makes this quarter they just reported look like a big decline but that's not really the whole story.

  • ByteDance prefers TikTok shutdown in US if legal options fail, sources say
  • I think it's a privately-owned, profit-focused endeavor that is nevertheless beholden to the Chinese government and which the government wants to take as much advantage of as possible. Deep down, I'm certain that their sole goal is to make as much money for themselves as they possibly can. If they also need to exfiltrate some data and send it to the CCP, that's just a necessary business expense.

  • ByteDance prefers TikTok shutdown in US if legal options fail, sources say
  • This means absolutely nothing. How much of their advertising revenue comes from the US.

    To quote the article again, "The U.S. accounted for about 25% of TikTok overall revenues last year, said a separate source with direct knowledge." Honestly, I think that makes the case for shutting it down even stronger. TikTok isn't in some growth-at-all-costs phase in the US. It's likely near its peak potential userbase. If they haven't been able to make it profitable by now, that doesn't bode well for it ever becoming significantly profitable. Absent the legal issues, they think it's still worth at least trying, but as it stands, it's just a lot of money in and, just as quickly, out, with nothing to show for it at the end of the day.

  • ByteDance prefers TikTok shutdown in US if legal options fail, sources say
  • TikTok's daily active users in the U.S. is also just about 5% of ByteDance's DAUs worldwide, said one of the sources.

    So much drama in the US over this but it's apparently merely a money-losing afterthought for its owner.

  • Corporatism and fascism are two sides of the same coin – OSnews
  • I agree that it seems like inconsistent thinking though. (EU vs China)

    The EU is ostensibly capitalist democracies. Publicly criticizing arbitrary and ill-conceived regulations, that can perhaps be improved, is useful. China makes no pretense about being a free country and I think the moral calculus is rather simple: are Chinese citizens better off with Apple there, doing the bare minimum to comply with Chinese law, or with Apple taking the "principled" stand of leaving?

    China banned Signal and WhatsApp but has not banned iMessage. If you want secure end-to-end encrypted messaging, iPhones offer that built right in. Apple could leave, but the inevitable result of that is less privacy for Chinese citizens. It's a binary choice. Apple can't make China free, but they can at least offer services without bending over backwards to go above and beyond the CCP's demands, as Chinese companies do.

    I think Apple's position is quite consistent: it tries to change the things it can change, fights the things it can fight, and does the bare minimum to comply with things that it doesn't want to but must.