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Youtube's Anti-adblock is illegal in the EU Alexander Hanff (@[email protected])

Today I filed a formal complaint against #YouTube with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner for their illegal deployment of #adblock detection technologies. Under Article 5(3) of 2002/58/EC YouTube are legally obligated to obtain consent before storing or accessing information already stored on a...


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  • This is frivolous and ridiculous.

    If europeans had spent as much time building youtube competitors as they spent trying to find holes to litigate, europe would be richer

    • There are plenty already, why aren't you using them?

      • there were . Does dailymotion still even exist?

        It's easier than ever to host things now, but EU laws ensure it would be sued to oblivion and die within a month.

    • Are you aware that Dailymotion, arguably Youtube's most serious competitor, is a French company?

      We did just what you suggested.

      Now it's time for internet giants to play by the rules (e.g., privacy-wise, tax-wise), or there will never be room for competition.