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Weekly c/GuildWars2 Question Post - Week 35, 2023

Welcome to the Weekly Question Post on c/guildwars2!

This post is dedicated to those questions that you might not think is worth making a whole post about, but sure is worth getting an answer to ;)

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  • My question is: What is it that I'm not understanding?

    I'm really hesitant to be that twat shouting "Dead Game". We're still very fresh into a new release, I know that's not true. I can look up server population estimates. It's obviously not an accurate statment.

    I am having a helluva time finding activity on the new maps. Commander/Mentor tags disappear seconds after I notice them. Events are over/failed by the time I arrive at the markers. Meta is consistently not getting completed. I hardly even cross paths with other players on these maps. They legit feel lonely and empty to me.

    Yet when the daily is "Complete a renown heart" I can hop over to Kourna/Jahai and find activity no problem.

    I'm on Gate of Madness fwiw. Is it my time zone/playtime? Are my expectations off? Am I just not getting how the new maps work?

    I'm not looking to mindlessly follow a zerg for 100% of my playtime, but it's been really hard for me to do any of the content that isn't readily soloable. Despite what I know to be true (lots of folks are playing this expansion), what I'm able to observe is that I'm often the only player I see around these zones when I'm playing.