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Daily Discussion - 19 May 2024

Use this thread for general daily football discussion.

This thread can also be used to discuss Transfer rumours and to post Tier 4 sources.

  • Kane isn't even going to get the chance to win the German super cup next season cuz Bayern somehow managed to fumble their way into third. HAHAHAHAH

  • I just want to say I love our little community. No trolls, less toxicity, we can chat about whatever...

    Can't wait for silly season to start lol, though Euros and Copa will complicate things.

    As an aside, Boom is probably one of the best Who episode in a while. People have issues with Moffat but the man can write entertaining shit. He probably had this one on the hard drive but man it was a good watch.

    • Boom was good. Though the ending was a bit too deus ex machina for me... you had a guy who was Canterbury — get him to surrender.

    • Interestingly, apparently the actor for Mundy Flynn (the Anglican Marine) is the same as that of the next companion. Who knows what's going on there.

      • Probably a Martha situation. I actually recognized her from Andor and Mrs Sidhu Investigates 😂

  • De Zerbi going to leave is wild tbh.

  • So apparently the gals will also be stateside this summer, I am very tempted to go down to DC to see them play the Washington Spirit. I think it's about time.