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Netflix Windows app is set to remove its downloads feature, while introducing ads

Netflix has managed to annoy a good number of its users with an announcement about an upcoming update to its Windows 11 (and Windows 10) app: support for adverts and live events will be added, but the ability to download content is being taken away.

Netflix must realize that it's a huge frustration for people who relied on offline downloads to watch content without internet access: on planes, trains, and campsites, and anywhere else where Wi-Fi is unavailable or unreliable.

There's a small chance that Netflix will change its mind if it gets enough complaints, but the streaming service seems determined to add as many money-making features as possible, while taking away genuinely useful ones.


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  • I got Netflix stock, and i can tell you guys that stock is just going up and up.

    People rly are fking stupid

    • Yep, it's why everyone is raising prices, introducing ads and stopping password sharing, Netflix was the case that proved it works, there was a dip but now they have more users than before it.