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🐷 Fabledom 1.0 is OUT NOW 🐷 (Kingdom management base-builder/tycoon)

I've played about ~20 hours of this game, both an earlier Early Access version and the more recent pre 1.0 version (mostly played this one). I have not played the 1.0 version.

It's a fun, casual base-builder with tycoon elements executed in the style of a kingdom management game. Compared to many base-builders, you get to manage your own hero in-game. The integration between the overland map and the actual kingdom building is done well. You also need to manage relationships with the kingdoms around you. The mechanics aren't too deep.

With the pre EA version, it felt like you could see most of the game in a 15 hour playthrough. However, Fabledom also benefits from a more "pick up and play" profile, with many other base-builders like Banished, you often have to manage mods, design a high level village development plan before you can actually start playing the game.


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