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Announcing Wayfinder Echoes - Forging Our Own Path (online-only game soon to be playable offline) Steam :: Wayfinder :: Announcing Wayfinder Echoes - Forging Our Own Path

Wayfinder will continue as a paid, co-op title, with no in-game monetization. Coming June 11th 2024 to Steam.

Steam :: Wayfinder :: Announcing Wayfinder Echoes - Forging Our Own Path

Huge W. Maybe the Stop Killing Games campaign, combined with some very real market realities, will save more games like this from companies with the liberty to do so. Unfortunately, it sounds like multiplayer will likely still depend on Steam servers rather than supporting LAN (I'd be happy to be proven wrong), but this is way better than the game just dying.


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  • But could it not still be the exact same game except without a server requirement?

    • You are asking if it could be same experience as an MMO-lite without being online. Think about it.

      Core gameplay will stay, yes. And sounds like they changed quite a bit. But if you were promissed an MMO-lite and are getting a single player game...

      I hope that it is notnthe exact same game but offline, because it will not hold up. There are different expectations from a MMO and single player game.

      • You are asking if it could be same experience as an MMO-lite without being online. Think about it.

        No, I'm asking if it could be the same experience without running it on someone else's machine. V Rising does not have an online requirement, but you can play it online on a server you control, perhaps even the same machine you use to play yourself, with up to like 60 players. Destiny is an MMO lite, is it not? For the most part, you're only playing that game 3 players at a time too, just like this one. Is there something that this game was already doing that it won't be able to do now that it's peer to peer?

        • You can play with friends, but not just matmchmake with randos when your friends are not online or not playing the game at all (or not having friends). You miss the organic moments when you are having a fight in open world, you are loosing and suddenly some dude charges in and saves the day. You can't join guilds (promissed feature) and engage in a community, potentially make new friends to do the aforementioned activities with so you don't have to play with randos. You miss the feeling of being a part of greater world, when you just see someone else in the game. Or the ability to ask for help in map chat. Also ongoing support and updates.

          Funny you should mention V Rising too because while I'd probably play solo, I'm more likely to find a server to play on along side others than just playing on my own server alone or offline (not sure how this works therr tbh).

          Simply put, I'd miss those things you experience in MMOs. Wayfinder was fun when populated. Much less so when there was nobody to play with.

          I was promissed an MMO lite that would become an MMO through thr development, but getting a single player game instead. I wish the game and the devs all the luck but I can't help but feel betrayed - much like majority of gamers who expect single player game but get live service one.

          • Gotcha. As I said in the original blurb, I'd prefer some way to play the game LAN that it seems like they're not doing. V Rising and most survival games, for all that I can tell, preserve all of those elements of MMOs or MMO lites, and it exposes how unnecessary it is to take away the ability for the player to host their own servers. Even in a best-case scenario where the game is super successful, you can run into things like login queues or server maintenance, so having the ability to play the game no matter what is a must for me. Survival games tend to lean into the use case of people who want to PVP and grief other players, which isn't for me, and I'd much rather co-op with some friends, but since I control the server, I absolutely have the ability to tune it that way. And since these games account for dozens of players on the same instance (Factorio goes up to 255), you're capable of replicating all of those random interactions, for as rare as they actually are in a game like Destiny or Warframe, which are my frame of reference for MMO lite games, because they have you spend most of your time in instances for only a few players.

            Have you played Wayfinder before to say how much of the game up to this point was built on those larger scale random interactions as opposed to small instances with a few players?