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Daily Discussion - 15 May 2024

Use this thread for general daily football discussion.

This thread can also be used to discuss Transfer rumours and to post Tier 4 sources.

  • I'm not all that surprised City beat Spurs. I already kinda accepted that eventuality.

    I don't begrudge anyone holding onto the hope that City would slip up. It is football. But we're also talking about the best manager managing one of the best (if not the best) football teams in Europe (we also still have the Hammers?).

    I just want us to finish strong. Then nobody can say how we "lost" the title. We did everything we needed to in the run in. We were just beaten by the bigger guy on roids.

    I think it is still fair to look back and critique the team on results such as Villa and how things could have been different. But if we deal in what-ifs, we'll still be here next Christmas (it might be a good way to pass the time, actually xD). I mean, look at how many seasons a blistering Liverpool side couldn't even break through... 1 PL trophy in 8/9 years is crazy. It kinda almost looks bad without context.

    We're still a young team with a lot more to learn and a lot more to give. I'm looking forward to seeing how the club manages the summer transfer window and how we progress from the standard they've now set.


    Apologies for the long write up, kinda been stewing on these thoughts for a little bit. I've also lacked the energy at times.

    • Yeah I agree with pretty much all you said. Not giving up on that title until the whistle is blown at the Etihad though.

      • It would be bloody amazing if that all came to pass. I'm just tempering my own expectations for my own sanity. Then I can't be disappointed 😅

  • Really hoping Thomas Franck doesn't go to Man United. He's a very good manager and a thoroughly likeable guy. Plus I have a bit of a soft spot for Brentford since they are my mum's team.

    He'd be walking into a nightmare. Stay at Brentford Thomas!

    • Hope Ange goes there and is like "what the fuck is wrong with England how are you all so fucking shit" while also getting rid of a decent manager for Spurs, again.

  • Scrapping VAR doesn't solve anything, get better refs

    • Idk why they're even considering it. When have Wolves even been aggrieved by VAR?

  • Reece James managed just two games back (ish) before getting sent off and once again being unavailable LMFAO. He must be so thankful that Chelsea gives such long contracts.

  • Soon heading onto a long ass flight back. Things might be slow to be pinned / unpinned etc sorry!!

  • So how much income do we get for staying in CL and what can we purchase with it?

    • Not sure how accurate, but I read an article that said we'd earned roughly €93m (£80m).

      Not sure how accurate it is, but the money is gained from a combination of these, apparently:

      • Participation fee
      • Prize money
      • UEFA coefficient
      • TV pool

      It goes into depth and breaks down each part. I just skimmed through, but this is the site if you were more focused than I xD.

      As for how we spend it, I don't know... I think we definitely need more depth. I think cover for Saka would be good. I'm not sure about a striker, but I've felt we've been quite one dimensional up for a long time. I was hoping Eddie could be a difference maker, but I think a combination of Arteta's tactics and Eddie being relatively young and not as refined hasn't helped.

  • The new kit apparently will be launched on Thursday. It's clean but not the most exciting design.

    • If it's the one's I think I've seen, I agree with them being clean, but a bit uninspiring. Not sure if there is a standout that calls to me like most of the kits under Addidas so far

      • That black kit and the women's Stella McCartney kit are nice. I actually like the training kits better weirdly enough.