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In mid-December and early January Quaker oats issued two massive recalls for salmonella risk. Many of their biggest products were involved. Other recalls were issued in February as well.

As of today many and perhaps even most of those products are still not on the shelves. It's unusual to see this kind of delay, and I wonder if anyone knows...

Have there been any leaks or investigative reporting on the source of the salmonella intrusion, and why it is proving so difficult for Quaker oats to get a handle on?

  • Just curious, when you say "those products are still on the shelves", do you mean they're selling product from the lot numbers that were recalled?

    You should be able to tell the grocery store employees and have them remove it if they're selling recalled products, but also I wouldn't be surprised if they're only selling products that are no longer part of those recalled lots

    Edit: WAIT you said "still not on the shelves", sorry! Ignore my comment lol