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Republican clerk charged in Michigan voting-system breach /world/us/republican-clerk-charged-michigan-voting-system-breach-2024-05-09/

A Michigan township clerk was charged with multiple felonies on Wednesday, the latest turn in a state inquiry into efforts by Donald Trump supporters to tamper with voting machines to prove his false claim that he lost the 2020 election due to fraud.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said in a statement that former Adams Township Clerk Stephanie Scott, 52, has been charged with five felonies related to unauthorized use of a computer, concealing a voting machine, and misconduct in office, and one misdemeanor for disobeying the secretary of state. The most serious count carries a potential seven-year prison term.

Nessel also added three felonies to the charges faced by Scott's attorney Stefanie Lambert, who was already facing multiple charges over allegations she accessed and tampered with voting machines in other incidents across the state.

Scott, a Republican, had overseen voting in rural Adams Township until the state revoked her authority over elections in 2021 for resisting state orders to allow testing and maintenance on the voting tabulator in her care, claiming it would erase evidence of potential fraud. Scott withheld a critical component of the tabulator until it was seized by state police, law enforcement records show.

In addition to disregarding orders from the state authorities regarding the tabulator, Nessel accused Scott and Lambert of providing a computer examiner unauthorized access to non-public voter information in violation of state law.


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