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What are you playing this weekend? 2024-05-05

Finished Ori and the Blind Forest. It's a really good game, very polished, visuals and sound are great, but some part of design feels a bit dated, or well they require very twitchy reflexes. Other than that though, loved the game. Highly recommended for any metroidvania fans.

Still playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance, it has finally started to get good. Well, I was enjoying it since the start but I am role-playing a non-thief player, which kind of limited the starting money and equipment, limiting the side content you can do in early game. But after some time doing what feels like nothing, I have started to get better a bit, and things have started to become easy. Got a bit of that OP feeling I like in these RPGs, though I am sure I'll very soon face something that will easily destroy me again.

Started Azure Striker Gunvolt. It has been on my wishlist for too long. Playing the first one right now (comes in a pack which has first 2 games), and I am enjoying it. The game isn't much difficult but you can enable challenges trying to reduce your time taken and clearing staging without taking damage.

What about all of you, what have you been playing?

  • Finished Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown!

    Quite impressed with this one, a really nice metroidvania from Ubisoft. The platforming controls are superb, the abilites you unlock make it even more fun over time, and the combat is solid.

    Definitely not a game for casual players (unless you don't mind turning on assists), there's some tricky plataforming sections and nasty difficulty spikes in some bosses, but the main complaint I have about the game is the limited amount of fast travel spots, the map is HUGE and backtracking can be a pain in the ass. Other than that and a few minor bugs I don't have many bad things to say about this one, definitely play it if you like the genre.

    Minor bonus for Switch players: Looks like this version is the only one that does not require an Ubisoft account, it's going to ask for it when you open the game but you can just press a button to skip.

    Finished Streets of Rage 4!

    There's been more opportunities for coop play with friends recently, so I decided to pick this one. However, I could not wait and already did a quick single-player run through story mode using Blaze.

    Really fun old-school beat'em up, I recommend it for fans of the genre.

    Playing LUNARiA -Virtualized Moonchild-!

    Was too focused on other games this week, just resumed it today, so no significant progress.

    • Streets of Rage 4 is so good for both singleplayer and co-op mode! Unlocking different characters and survival mode add a lot of replayability. It's so much fun!

  • Completed the main story of Sparks of Hope. It's good on its own, but I still think the first game was better overall. The characters are way more distinct in the sequel, which is great, but I never really felt much of a need to switch the party around. In the first game, you had to beat a battle in a certain amount of turns to get the perfect ranking and you have nothing like that here. Once you find something that works, there's no need to go beyond, and I found what works 90% of the tome very early on. I also felt a lot more control in the first game. Replacing the grid with an illusory free movement (the map still works on a grid) just takes the precision out of it, and in a tactics game that's kind of important. But most importantly, the game didn't feel right. The game takes itself too seriously and even tried to make the Rabbids actual characters. Rabbids say BWAH, they don't hold conversations! It just wasn't as funny, I miss the slapstick above all else. Now, let's see what the DLC does.

    Finished off all Nightwing challenges in Arkham Knight, now it's Catwoman time. Apparently, every brute-type enemy has been removed from her combat challenges and replaced with a regular shield-enemy. It's a bit odd. Got stuck on an early Predator map because of a finicky Remain Unseen requirement. I've done those before with other characters that seemed way more lenient. But in this case, I was sometimes seen even though nobody started attacking me. And they're very quick with that trigger finger, so I don't know what's so different...

    • Congratulations to final beat the game. The trailer made me feel that Sparks of Hope improves upon all aspects of the first game, but it's interesting to see your take. Would try to get my hands on it soon-ish.