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Daily Discussion - 03 May 2024

Use this thread for general daily football discussion.

This thread can also be used to discuss Transfer rumours and to post Tier 4 sources.

  • Imagine losing to this Chelsea team 2-0! Spurs is an absolute joke of a club.

    • And they were both from set pieces, too... lol.

      How can you look at that and not invest time in set pieces. I think Ange is completely wrong.

  • Marco Reus is finally leaving Dortmund, contract not being extended. Hummels will now be the last player left from that title winning side, if they extend his contract.

    Hoping they win the CL now.

  • Spurs less motivated now?

    • It honestly wouldn't be surprised if they roll over for City of it looks like we might win the title. I don't think Postecoglu would want them to do that. But a combination of the big rivalry and the players mentally checking out could result in them ignoring him.

      I feel bad for him. He seems like a decent manager who deserves better than those bottlejobs.

      ETA: The fact that he said after they played us that he can't work with his squad on the finer details yet is a pretty damning indictment. It reminds me of when I came in as under-12s coach for a bunch of kids most of whom had never played in a team before. I had people telling me I should be teaching them intricate tiki-taka shit. But I had to lay the basics down first of just passing and trapping the ball decently and getting in open positions.