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Alberta backs off funding cuts to low-income transit passes in Calgary and Edmonton /2024/05/01/alberta-backs-off-funding-cuts-to-low-income-transit-passes-in-calgary-and-edmonton/

The Alberta government has backtracked on funding cuts to the low-income transit pass in the province’s two biggest cities.

According to information provided by the Alberta government, they will backstop the funding commitments they’ve made to both cities. In Calgary, that amount is $6.2 million.

On Tuesday, both of Alberta’s big city mayors spoke out about the funding cut, with Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek saying that it was a “cruel” decision by the province. Calgary city council, after discussing the item behind closed doors, unanimously approved a plan to urge the province to reduce its requisition of the education portion of the property tax and ask them to pay the full amount of property tax on provincially owned properties in the city, up to the $6.2 million.

Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services Jason Nixon spoke with media via Zoom on Wednesday afternoon. He said they’ve always wanted to ensure the low-income transit pass programs continue.

“The province does not want to see the low-income transit program in our two largest cities go anywhere, and we will make sure that we’re there to support if that’s what’s needed to be able to have it continue,” Nixon said.

He said that after conversations with both cities he recognized that cities needed further support to continue the programs.


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