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‘It’s just cruel’: Low income transit pass provincial funding stripped from Calgary, Edmonton /2024/04/30/low-income-transit-pass-provincial-funding-stripped-from-calgary-edmonton/

Calgary could have to fully fund the Low Income Transit Pass (LITP) moving forward, as the Alberta government has pulled their contribution to the affordability measure.

“I don’t think there’s any way to explain this other than saying it’s just cruel. This is an absolute cruelty to low-income Calgarians who absolutely need this funding to be able to get through their lives,” she said, noting that it’s another example of the province offloading costs to municipalities.

“They’re expecting us to find the money somewhere to make this whole, and you also know what that means – that impacts your property taxes.”

The mayor said Calgary already foots 83 per cent of the $38 million – or $31.8 million.


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