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‘Project Hail Mary’ Sets Launch For Spring 2026; Space Adventure From Ryan Gosling, Lord & Miller, Amy Pascal & Amazon MGM Studios


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  • I'm really looking forward to this movie. I went into the audiobook knowing nothing about the story and could not have enjoyed it more, I think it's Andy Weir's best work. But with Lord & Miller at the helm along with Ryan Gosling set to star? I can't imagine a better line up working on this adaptation. It's going to give The Martian (2015) one hell of a run for it's money.

    • Agreed 100%. I'm still hesitant just because Hollywood has a long history of ruining book adaptations. But given The Martian, I'm very hopeful.

      I would love to see his novel Artemis be adapted as well. Supposedly that is being worked on as well, but I haven't heard anything new for a while on that front.