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  • You can vote to keep fascists out of power, but that doesn't make them go away. Vore it is then 😋

    • From a U.S. perspective, if voting was useless then the GOP wouldn’t have to rely on gerrymandering and removing voters from rolls for arbitrary reasons to get its ghouls elected. Harm reduction via voting is possible! For everything else, there’s Mastercard protesting. But also maybe “Mastercard” in the form of bribes lobbying

      • Exactly. Some leftists are ignorant about how voting, even in dysfunctional liberal democracies, is the enemy of the unpopular, and that policies that people recognize as favoring the rich are unpopular. It's why they put so much effort into manipulating the media. When people are aware, the rich lose at the ballot box.

      • That. Your vote is a powerful weapon, and you can tell it is by how hard they work to take it away. And we need to bring all our weapons to bear if we're going to make it through this. That means vote, but it also means don't stop at voting.