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  • Description: clockwise-pointing curved arrows encircling an emoji gif that cycles through happy and unhappy faces, matching the outer circle of text boxes containing the following:

    I love buying girl stuff!! Cute shoes, thigh highs, tops, skirts, short-shorts, dresses, bras, panties, I love shopping so much!!

    Shopping feels so lonely. It’d be so much more fun to go shop with friends.

    I want some girl friends!! We could go see movies, go shopping, go to clubs, chat about all the things, It would be so awesome!!

    Life feels so very lonely. I don’t have any friends, no romantic relationship, and no idea how to even go out and find people.

    I want a cute boyfriend!! I want him to **** me, **** me, **** my ****, ***** me, ***** me, ******* *** ****** me!!

    My body feels so foreign. I deeply crave intimacy but my body feels wrong.

    I want bottom surgery!! I wanna be smooth, flat, comfortable, and sexy! I want to feel complete! I want to have a vagina!!

    Surgery feels so distant. I need to find a surgeon, get psychiatrist referral, laser is taking forever, and it’s all expensive.

  • And then there are countries where you can't even get surgery