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  • When you look at a sunset you are having an emotional reaction to what you are seeing.

    Emotions are not real. They do not Exist outside of your head. And therefore cannot be evidence of anything except that you can imagine

    • It's a little more complex than that. Our sense of beauty is emergent from eons of conditions that are fruitful for survival. A sunset reflecting on water indicates you're next to a body of water, which is often a good place to settle. It's why we consider spiky, bleak architecture to signify where we've buried our toxic waste.

      The emotions come from what's in our head, but why we experience those emotions is well informed by eons of ancestors and what clear water vs murky water meant to them. And human art is informed by these instincts, either our love of painting sunsets, pastorals and beautiful human specimens, or in the abstract, tinkering with supernormal stimulus. (Hence why all fast-food brands are red and orange)

      This is why green is a narrow bandwidth in the center of our visible color spectrum. We have good cause to see green (typically chlorophyll related) things, since either we want to eat them, or eat things that eat them. That said, it means that the qualia of subjected experiences that differentiate PCs from NPCs (or p-zombies in the mind-body problem) are largely informed by eons of survival-driven evolution, hence red is an alarm color whether or not we have a soul or are the protagonist. Even NPCs experience beauty and color subjectively, with instincts and experiences to inform them.