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Looking for an Anti-Tech or Neo Luddite group

HI, I had been trying to follow anti-tech discussion on a different account and had recently gotten removed from a second group. This time, they confused me of being a bot and didn't give me the chance to explain that I'm not a bot. The first time I believe its because I had accidentally linked to something leftist in error and didn't realize right away. The reason I have been trying to follow anti-tech and Neo-luddite is because it was making me feel good with all of the preserving nature talk, plus I read the Ted Kaczynski manifesto for starters and have it bookmarked on my laptop. If anyone can try to help me out or knows of another such group to check out, please let me know. I might be forced to create another group with my different account, figure out what to call it, and leave off the vetting for now to get people to join.