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finished House of Suns. now what?

I just finished reading House of Suns. Wonderful book. So many great ideas and such alien concepts. I really enjoyed it.

What should I read next?

  • Either Reynold's Eversion or Adrian Tchaikovsky's Children of Time.

    • Thanks I've added both to my library and will check them out!

  • If you liked the "harder sci fi" type feel to it, then my recommendations are:

    Tau Zero (Anderson), or Rendezvous with Rama (Clark)

    Or maybe the Xeelee sequence (Baxter). Start with Raft, Timelike Infinite, Flux, and Ring -- then take a break.

    Outside the box recommendation: Pirenesi by Clarke -- about 300 pages -- I'm not giving spoilers.

    • I've read Rama, and I just started Raft, so I'll add the rest to my list! Thank you.