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Texas poised to get America's first bullet train
  • Houston and Dallas are blue enclaves you absolute dip. The people who live in those cities contain almost all the good people of Texas. Austin too. "The terrible people of Texas" so all the people of texas who aren't Republican are just nothing to you? This is a huge state with a ton of diversity in culture and opinion. The Texas GOVERNMENT is full of terrible people, and there's enough terrible people to vote them in, but not every Texan I'd automatically terrible. An absolutely massive portion of us hate what's happened to our beautiful state.

  • Fairbuds are Fairphone’s proof that we really could make better tiny gadgets
  • What a lame answer. Are you this lame in real life? There's OBVIOUSLY a HUGE spectrum of quality for iems, WHAT are you talking about? It's a valid question on the ops part. You wanted to be snobby but it's just a bad take that reveals how judgdy and smug and completely out of touch you are. Nobody thinks of you as cool, you don't have friends IRL, I hope your dog dies. I hate the internet fuck you you're the straw that broke the camels back. Would be a pretty cool place if people like you weren't in it. I quit

  • "prompt engineering"
  • They're not "smart enough to be tricked" lolololol. They're too complicated to have precise guidelines. If something as simple and stupid as this can't be prevented by the world's leading experts idk. Maybe this whole idea was thrown together too quickly and it should be rebuilt from the ground up. we shouldn't be trusting computer programs that handle sensitive stuff if experts are still only kinda guessing how it works.

  • Fairphone Fairbuds launch with replaceable batteries, titanium drivers and ANC
  • Around 10-15 years ago when that meme/stereotype was popularized , that was kind of the case. The world has moved on since then, the perception of veganism has changed, and it's not a big deal anymore. Its easier to be vegan now, too. restaurants/grocery stores have more offerings, big brands have vegan options, people aren't usually rude to you anymore for being vegan or asking for vegan stuff.

    I think all this contributes to vegans feeling less of the need to assert themselves like before. I feel like its because people nowadays "get" it and back then most non vegan people didn't get it.

  • Ringleader of global monkey torture network, 'The Torture King', is charged
  • Evolution isn't a plan, its the result of the RaNdOm MuTaTiOnS. Which sometimes proved useful for the survival of the being that mutated, allowing them to pass on that gene. The above comment is speculating reasons that those particular mutations might have helped them and therefore allowed them to live to breed.

  • Twitch bans turning butts and boobs into green screens
  • Video games, Twitch, and Boobs are all things teenage boys generally like, and they have a lot of free time to consume media. Im 100000% certain thats all this is all about, that that's the sole driving force behind all this. Nobody wants to say it but twitch is porn for kids

  • No Man's Sky Orbital Update brings full ship customisation and a complete space station overhaul
  • Lol great way to tell everyone you think 400 bucks for a video game cosmetic is a reasonable thing to buy, and that everyone who can't/won't do that is broke. Its a bad look, this is cringe stuff that someone who's never worked for their money would say. Real money, old money, doesn't participate in this kind of behavior. Wastes of air like you usually live off daddy's money raging on the internet because you never learned how to develop real social connections.

  • What is the strangest tech related bug you can't resolve?
  • That sounds almost exactly like youre picking up radio signals. This exact thing has happened to me before, I even picked up a local religious station like I'm assuming you did. Some of the churches in my area have their own little radio broadcast antennas and thats why I think their signal was the one to cut through. Speakers and headphones have been been able to pick this stuff up for like as long as both technologies have existed. You're not crazy and tons of people have been through this