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What is your favorite movie? Or, what is your favorite genre of film?
  • I'm a 50/50 toss up between two reasonably different genres.

    The first is coming of age films, particularly queer ones. My go to film to call my favourite is Call me By Your Name, I also love Stand By Me, Aftersun and have a huge soft spot for Kiki's delivery service.

    The other 'genre' is dramas / thrillers that get pretty fixated on madness, particularly from the protagonist. There will be Blood is my go to second film to say, and I love Apocalypse Now, Perfect Blue, The Witch and The lighthouse.

    I'm not as much fan of when the genres overlap however, although that may be because of how small the sample size is. There are quite a few films that have a young protagonist who is finding themselves, who may end up idolising another to the point that the film falls into being a thriller. We had Saltburn last year, which people often compare to The Talented Mr Ripley, and I do enjoy these films but I never get that milestone feeling that I've just experienced a piece of media that has profoundly impacted me. The only thing that exists in this shared space is one of my favourite novels; The Picture of Dorian Gray.

  • Brexit ghoul Dyson cuts 1000 jobs
  • My friend works in their engineering department, he lost a ridiculous amount of his close colleagues today and my heart goes out to him.

    That said, I'm always blown away by the incredible R&D he's up to, and the genuine passion for innovation and quality him and his team had. I genuinely think their quality good, even if they frame it as the apple of vaccums while actively pulling shit like this.

  • Trump-loving gays say their MAGA support is ruining their lives
  • I was at the end of school during the 2016 election and my closest friend in my Comp-Sci class who I'd known from 11 was in the far right pipeline; this person found Hillary absolute abhorrent, loved trump and was generally the 2016 Pepe style crypto-facist. We live in the UK too, so this is even less common than it probably was in the USA.

    When school ended, I stopped speaking to this person, but a few years ago saw that she's come out as a trans woman. I'm happy for her and not really keen to reconnect at all, but oh boy am I nosy about the timeline of her political views. I wonder if she still holds them, was struggling with internalised issues or just had a huge realisation at some point.

  • D&D Co-Creator Gary Gygax was Sexist. Talking about it is Key to Preserving His Legacy.
  • I've read quite a few anecdotes and quotes about Gygax's misogyny before but I agree with you, I don't think there is nearly enough information I these gods to extrapolate that it' embodies all powerful masculine forces as good and all feminine as evil, especially as the article mentions how this perpetuates pre-existing coomo themes in story and myth. Everything we know about Gygax would say he'd lift from myths with sexist themes without adjusting that, rather than add them with intention.

    Do do think there is myriad evidence that Gygax believed femininity to be inherently inferior, but that's different from evil. It's still stupid and worth highlighting but by excessively demonising him to the point of nearly making things up, it's just fuel for people to dismiss the valid points.

  • What universally beloved videogame you just can't enjoy?
  • I am pretty sure I'd love tears of the kingdom, I just don't have a played breath of the wild on a friend's Wii U years ago while living with him, then tried to replay it with an emulator a while later but encountered a few big bugs.

    My hope is to just wait 5 years and play a stable emulation of Tears of the Kingdom, or maybe by then I'll be able to pick that and the console up quick.

  • What universally beloved videogame you just can't enjoy?
  • I have a specific opinion about the older mario games; they expected a much more narrow game literacy than new games do, so the people who played them already had a little bit of transferable ability from other games. Nowadays, not just are precise skills less required because the games are designed to be easier, but the player base is starting the games with less skill due to their previous game being totally different.

  • What universally beloved videogame you just can't enjoy?
  • I really enjoyed Breath of the Wild although I haven't tried Tears for the Kingdom. It really suited me but it's lack of direction is how I play every open world game anyway. I actually can't go back to other AAA open world games without getting irritated by how hand holding and limiting they are of their own medium, but it wasn't just breath of the wild that made me realise that.

  • Airport security missed live ammo in tourists’ hand luggage. The TSA doesn’t know how
  • I once lived and worked in a small store in rural Australia. When I left the job, I threw my box cutter in my backpack at the end of my shift without thinking.

    They flew me back to the nearest city when I left, then from there I flew to Bali and back, then eventually I flew home. Every time I flew. I used that backpack as my carry on luggage. It was found when I landed after that final flight. I'd totally forgotten it was in there, and it had been scanned for all of those flights.

  • Truth
  • I think the only app I use that plays audio alongside others is my Lemmy client, and I absolutely prefer it. If I've got some music on in the background, I can still listen to some random video I stumble across here, and I really prefer that.

  • What generation are you?
  • I'm born in 98' so I'm right down the middle but generally classed as the last of the millennials.

    I feel a lot closer to zoomers, but where I'm from, I think the people who have fast-tracked adulthood with kids and mortgages are textbook millennials where as layabouts like myself share a lot more spaces with young adult zoomers.

    I'm already needing to remind myself that some of the deepest internet brainrot like skibidi toilet is not a new phrase but a meme of the hour started by generation alpha and then carried by confused millennials.

  • Games that stuck with you
  • Subnautica is the perfect mesh of several things that work fantastically. It is a good survival game but with it's upgrade and discovery based exploration limitations, it's closer to a metroidvania than it is to Minecraft. The thing it does so well is sneak this past you, it's a mystery driven metroidvania where the downtime is a resource gathering, based building game.

    The closest game I can think of of that tried the same mystery metroidvania approach is The Forest, but this feels like one of the many many games from the post Minecraft and DayZ boom that has a certain scrappiness to it that somehow Subnautica absolutely sidesteps, and it's all from just being a really well made game. The vibrant and often tranquil art style that lends itself to awe inspiring locations, and the level design and overall plot support eachother so well.

    That said, I'm not in love with the amount of resources. A 4*8 gridded inventory puts me off a game from a worry of it to getting too grindy, and subnautica is a "I need to build another storeroom" kind of game. With a full survival game like Minecraft, which is endless and about exploration and progress alone, I know my storage will be unweildy and I can forgive it, but I'd have appreciated Subnautica finding a way to require less mindless resource hunting / busywork unless itnwas optional base cosmetics or the like.

  • Games that stuck with you
  • My big three are Outer Wilds which at this point barely needs mentioning, Disco Elysium which seems to be getting more famous by the day, and Hollow Knight.

    Outer wilds is an exploration game, and if the other comments haven't been clear, that's all I'm saying.

    Disco Elysium is an unbelievably dense police procedural set in a unique setting, it can also be fantastic to explore without hearing much beforehand but unlike outer wilds, you don't really need to beat yourself up for looking up the occasional piece of lore.

    Hollow Knight is a souls-like metroidvania, so it's ticking the Sekiro / Dark Souls box well.

    I got about 90% through the game with only a rough understanding of the lore before ending up watching video essays about it and I was absolutely blown away. I don't think the lore is overly difficult to find, and isn't that complicated, but like FromSoft's games, it's not always delivered in a way that you naturally pick it up.

    I play a lot of games with the "media literacy" part of my brain firmly switched off, because often games handhold you through the storytelling. With Disco Elysium, you know from the getgo that it's a pay attention kind of game, but Hollow Knight, it sort of feels like a storyless flash game, and sometimes key lore is delivered in a beautiful set piece or creature design, so I only realised I should have been paying attention when it was too late to catch up.

    I got no less enjoyment from it by catching up on the lore later though, these three games are absolutely my top three.

    My final bonus suggestion is to bash out all the supergiant games in order, Bastion, Transistor, Pyre and Hades all hit the marks for me to sometimes just stop in awe and let myself get chills, although less tban the three above. I also think Pyre is one of the most overlooked games of all time.

  • Rule Alignment
  • The game is least forgiving in the first few days, after that, it really opens out into people remembering the choices you've made in the game. Even if you've still been making bad choices, it's pretty fun from there.

  • What breaks if you let a monster have multiple actions?

    This is for D&D 5e.

    I'm currently making a reoccurring antagonist NPC that is a master thief. It's CR 6 and I want it to be capable of making three attacks per round like multiattack but also have their thief subclass's enhanced cunning action with fast hands.

    This would normally mean they'd get 3 attacks and a varying options for bonus actions, however I'd want them to be able to trade up to three if these attacks to have more uses of cunning action (this would of course stack the ability to dash 4 times per round but I'd just not do that while running the monster). They also have a special once per day ability that I'd want them to be able to swap a single attack for.

    It got me thinking, instead of trying to make an unwieldy combination of multiattack, a special action and cunning action, could I just give them three actions?

    The simple way this NPC works that I want them to pick 3 options from:

    • Dagger
    • Crossbow
    • Special action
    • Dash
    • Disengage
    • Hide
    • Make an ability check
    • Use an object
    • Use a set of tools

    At this point, what do I actually lose from letting them take 3 actions? They aren't a Spellcaster so I'm not worried about them throwing out three fireballs or the like.