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HFY - Humanity Fuck Yeah! (Information about the community and rules)

Welcome to HFY!!!!

This community is for authors to post their HFY themed stories and artists to share HFY themed artwork.

While traditional science fiction often presents humans as vulnerable masses seeking refuge from menacing aliens or as feeble beings overshadowed by aliens with superior logic, strength or empathy. HFY disrupts these archetypes by challenging the norm.

In the world of HFY, humanity is bestowed with exceptional qualities, giving rise to a sense of optimism and empowerment within the reader. It seeks to uplift and inspire, demonstrating the potential of human greatness and the capacity for overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds.

Alternatively, HFY can also serve as a thought-provoking cautionary tale. Emphasizing the significance of power and responsibility that accompanies any remarkable gift or advantage bestowed upon us.

Note: This community is not run by the mod's of r/HFY from Reddit.

Rules for posting/commenting in this community.

  1. Only stories and artwork about HFY is allowed. It means your story or artwork should showcase the exceptional qualities of humans.
  2. If your story does not have a human character, then their defining characteristics should be influenced by humans.
  3. Content that's not created by you, should be posted only with the permission of the original author/creator.
  4. Please dont copy content without properly crediting original author by including a link to the original post. In case the original author is not clear, atleast include a link to the original post.
  5. Promoting hatred in posts/comments will not be tolerated. Let's all be decent human beings.
  6. Please be kind to first time authors in comments. Help them correct their mistakes and provide constructive criticism.
  7. Do not share links to external stories/artwork directly as posts. A seperate featured post is created for the same. Post your links in this thread. Links only posts should be in this thread.

Copying posts from HFY subreddit is allowed provided the following conditions are met:

  1. Posts that are tagged Text can be copied directly.
  2. Posts that are tagged OC can only be copied with the permission of the original author in reddit.
  3. In both cases, a link to original post should be included.

For posts that are copied from somewhere else, the following rules should be met:

  1. Make sure to get permission from the original author.
  2. Add a link to the original post.

This community is created for everyone in the fidiverse to enjoy their favourite genre of science fiction.

For Humans are Space Orcs themed stories, please visit [email protected]

HASO themed stories/artwork can still be HFY if the humans in the story/artwork insipre the readers or other characters in the story. An example of this is Stellaris Invicta Season 1 - Greater Terran Union

If your story/art showcases how powerful/terrible/intelligent humans are, without any characteristics that seem to uplift or inspire readers or characters in the story, then the story belongs to haso


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