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[Solved!] Can someone explain why my PSVR might not be working with an HDMI switch?

For those that don't know the PSVR can use any HDMI input and display it in a flat picture but in VR. I was hoping to set this up with my desktop, PS3, Xbox 360, and PS2 to work in those mode.

It would essentially be hooked up in the following configuration

Devices > 4 in 2 out HDMI switch > PSVR hub's PS4 input > PSVR hub's TV output > Monitor

The issue is having the HDMI switch plugged into the PSVR hubs input doesn't show any image and I'm not sure why. It's powered and worked when I tried directly connecting from my Xbox 360 > HDMI switch > monitor.

Am I missing something? The switch does have dip switches that can toggle the settings but it seems to just switch it from "Copy TV" to version resolutions and audio levels.

Seems as if switching from using my computers USB port to power it to a wall adapter may have done the trick. Either that or something was configured wrong.

Problem solved!


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