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[X-Posted from Reddit - /u/Active-Buy9737] - looking for a Si-fi space opera book series

He all,

I am have a really hard time remember what the books where called. I read it probable around 8 years ago. The basic premise of the first book was, earth gets attacked and people start getting abducted. The small bands fights back but find themselves on a ship where they go through genetic augmentation and are turned into an army for the race that abducted them. I do believe its the second book where they manager to take over the ship and get away from the ones holding them. One thing I remember is they use some kind of living suit to help them fight. I think it had 10+ books in the series.

I understand its probably not the best description out there for a book but I would really love to reread and buy the books. I did look through my kindle history buy cant find anything. Please help if you can.

Thank you