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Stargate - Guess the episode #006

Increasing difficulty

I will provide a clue to get you going.
If you can manage, submit your answers with the spoiler tag.
Details available here:

I will grade the winner after at least a few days.

Actor Mike Dopud has appeared in all three major Stargate shows. You should be able to guess which one this is. When did this character collaborate with our heroes to resolve a conflict?

Winner: No one!
Stargate Universe S02E13 Alliances
I think I've left it long enough. This was when there was a Lucien Alliance attack on the Pentagon. Camille and Greer were body swapped with two personnel at the location and Varro, a Lucien defector, prepares to give instructions for disarming a Lucian Alliance bomb. They only have a few seconds to get the message across because the only way to communicate is during an Ancient stones glitch caused by cycling the FTL drive.

Current Tally: = 2 = 1[email protected] = 1[email protected] = 1
No Winner = 1