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Ublock origin blocking images only from a specific instance

This is a weird one.

I am subscribed to [email protected] When browsing on my phone I can see the thumbnails just fine. When browsing on my desktop ublock origin blocks the thumbnails and avatars, but only from the instance, and only when I'm accessing it through

If I go directly to I can view everything fine, and other instances I am not encountering this issue with. Any idea what might be the cause? I am using Firefox.

  • Do you have any particular blocklists enabled besides the default ones? Try disabling them one by one until you find the culprit, then report a false positive to the list's maintainers.

  • Here. Have a looksie

    • Hope that sheds light on the issue

      • Not in the slightest. Does handle their images differently from other instances? I am not have images from other instances blocked, and it's not my instance that's doing it. If I disable Ublock Origin everything works fine.