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What this community is for (and welcome!)

Thanks for subscribing to /c/[email protected] ! Now that we've grown (and are growing) so quickly, I've had some calls to discuss what this community is for!

What we stand for

As the sidebar says, Work Reform aims to increase the share of rewards reaped by the workers (as opposed to capitalists - be it shareholders or owners), and make work more equitable. We do NOT aim to abolish labor altogether - I personally don’t think that’s a viable societal system. There is no known system in human history where majority of the population can subsist without doing anything in return.

What we need to do

I see a few things necessary to reform the current economic system - let’s call it Awareness, Advocacy and Action:

  • Awareness means getting people to realise that the corporate propaganda they’re hearing isn’t the whole truth.
  • Advocacy means going out and telling people to join the cause, form a local union, etc.
  • Action means taking organized action - writing to politicians, organising dialogues and strikes, etc.

What this space can be used for

In short, all of the above!

  • To raise Awareness, you can post anything that talks about the issue of wage disparity. That means venting about scummy practices, that means posting news that counters corporate propaganda, and that means posting memes and screenshots of relevant tweets.
  • To engage in Advocacy, you can post news about organised action taking place elsewhere that we can celebrate or contribute to.
  • To take Action, you can start a local chapter of your union, organize/engage in online campaigns, etc. This space can be used to help gather people for that purpose.

I personally think the most important thing now is to get more people to rally behind the cause (which means Action and Advocacy). But some of you have really good ideas on taking Action. So feel free to use this space for that purpose.

As it grows, we can discuss how best to use this community as well, so the rules may evolve over time.