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Modding XCOM2:WOTC: Anyone know of a mod like Extended Information that is compatible with EU Aim Rolls and Complicated Red Fog?

For context, Extended Information is a mod that shows hit chance popups for every shot, like the older Perfect Information, which (when it works) helps you develop a better sense of how much risk you're really incurring from enemy shots.

I've got a long and complicated mod list which is mostly (but not entirely) cribbed from ChristopherOdd's last Youtube playthrough, and I've noticed that the percentages EI displays, especially for enemy shots, are wrong. The most obvious evidence is that they frequently miss shots that EI displayed as 100%, but it will also show absurd numbers like 89% chance to hit by a basic trooper against a target in full cover while the shooter is wounded, and they'll usually also miss.

I think the problem is with shots that are modified by certain other mods, and I currently suspect EU Aim Rolls (which separates hit, crit, and dodge into separate rolls, as well as offering some specific tweaks) and Complicated Red Fog (which applies penalties to aim and other stats based on missing health).

There is a link in the Steam workshop page to a Discord server where supposedly the mod developer posted an experimental, updated version that solved some of this (at least with regard to EU Aim Rolls), but that link is now defunct (either the server no longer exists or it's private). Does anyone happen to have that version and be willing to share it, or know of another, more compatible mod?

Edit: For now I have disabled EI and I'm using EU Aim Rolls' built-in stat reporting. It isn't as nice, because it's just plain text on the right side of the screen instead of a color-coded popup over the shooter, and it doesn't have some of the extra info on the HUD that EI provides, but it does appear to be right, which is a good start!