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General Discussion Policies & Related Discussions

Welcome to General Discussion! While this is a community for a broad range of topics, it is mainly intended for discussions and with that in mind, there are a few policies to help try to encourage this & direct more specific discussions to their relevant communities.

1: If you're coming from Reddit, please see the Reddit Discussion Policy for this community.

2: If you'd like to share links through link posts, please be mindful of the rule encouraging you to add context/opinion to the body of these posts, or to alter the title accordingly so as to spur discussion.

Plain link posts with unaltered titles or no accompanying body text to provide context to why you're sharing the link, your opinion, or what you would like to discuss about what you're linking may be removed at the moderators' discretion. Multiple such posts in rapid succession will be removed as relates to the no spam rule.

See also the preceding discussion regarding this second policy's institution.

3: Other instance activity and admin decisions & your opinions of them are better suited to either [email protected] or [email protected] (or whichever others may be around), or if it's merely reporting the decisions without your opinion, one of the various [email protected] communities one may find across the fediverse.

This community does not aim to be another fediverse-focused discussion community nor a fediverse-drama related community.

This post may be updated as needed with additional policies, and if there were discussions on their institution, links to said discussions to help provide insight into why these policies are in place.