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Korg Wavestate SE

If someone asked me to guess what Korg was going to do next, I would not have said a full-sized, 61-key update to the Wavestate. Well, that's what they did.

I don't know how I feel about it. I like the synthesis engine: it's unique and versatile. It really nails those ethereal 90s digital tones with more modern modulation capabilities and sound quality, but it seems like such a niche thing, I don't know if it warranted a full-sized version.

Also, what's with the UI? They took almost the exact same layout as the original, and plopped a gigantic keyboard on the bottom. Now, there are huge blank spaces on both sides of the knobs and tiny screen. Korg really ought to have made the whole thing less deep and spread the UI out across the length of it. I guess they save on R&D by this route anyway.

Personally, I'd say spend the money on a decent MIDI controller, and just buy the VST if you really want those sounds. The hardware here doesn't seem like anything special, and the UI, frankly, looks awful.

I wonder if the Opsix or Modwave are going to get the same treatment.