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Would it be a good thing for the average person to self-host their apps? If so, how to get there?

I love self-hosting a bunch of apps I use, so I don't have to rely on anyone but my ISP for my digital life. Jellyfin, Immich, forgejo, memos and more.

But I know this isn't for everyone. I just recently spent about 3 hours doing routine maintenance and fixing an issue (I caused) and I know not everyone is into doing that kind of thing.

I also wonder what it would take to get more people into this self-hosting thing. I.e., to get them off of subscription streaming services, Google, etc..., so they can own their own data, stop feeding the machine and for the general betterment of humanity. What would the world be like if half of all adults self-hosted their own services? Or even 25%?

So, for discussion, is increasing the number of self hosters a good idea? How can we make help that process along?

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