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Gentoo and NetBSD ban 'AI' code, but Debian doesn't – yet Gentoo and NetBSD ban 'AI' code, but Debian doesn't – yet

The problem isn't just that LLM-bot generated code is bad – it's where it came from

Gentoo and NetBSD ban 'AI' code, but Debian doesn't – yet

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  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    Comment The Debian project has decided against joining Gentoo Linux and NetBSD in rejecting program code generated with the assistance of LLM tools, such as Github's Copilot.

    (This vulture's cynical suspicion was that very large models only became feasible after the industry realized that blockchains are hugely wasteful, horribly slow, and will never facilitate any online business except crime.

    If you consider that these are not significant risks, we would point out that Github's owner Microsoft isn't feeding any of its own proprietary OSes' source code into its LLM training corpuses.

    LLM bots are a wholly remarkable new type of tool, and absolutely not useless toys – although in the tradition of recent developments in IT, they are enormously wasteful and consume vast amounts of computing power, electricity, and cooling.

    As we mentioned earlier this month, server farms don't complain about where you want them to work, so every vendor is pouring money into this area, in the hope of eliminating those expensive, difficult humans.

    The Irish Sea wing of Vulture Towers is entirely free of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, or any other such paid privacy-intrusion systems, but nonethless, many people are inexplicably fond of paying for giant corporations to listen in to avoid the arduous labor of turning on lights or playing music.

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