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What was your most intense "game" experience ?

I'll recycle a discussion from the Francophone [email protected] link but obviously the answer were more focused on video game.

We're on a RPG community, so I expect to hear more about RPG and LARP, let's talk about made you feel "bleed"


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  • We were playing a GURPS multiverse game on Halloween night. All of us had been captured and were in the gallows about to be executed by the enemy with no way out. One by one, we got hung, and we all ended up dead. We were just sitting there, quiet and in shock, not really sure what the hell our GM was thinking.

    Then he said that we all woke up. We neglected to account for the fact that we were in a technologically advanced enough world that had the capability of resuscitating us even after we were dead for several minutes.