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The Legal Battle against Techrights and Tux Machines continues. – The Legal Beaver /2024/05/11/the-legal-battle-against-techrights-and-tux-machines-continues/

One May 10, 2024 and May 11, 2024, I received notices from the HRTO indicating that the respondents Techrights (C/O Roy Schestowitz) and Tux Machines (C/O Rianne Schestowitz) have a new deadline for a second chance at filing their Form 2.

The legal proceedings are about a campaign of defamation and online group stalking motivated by transphobia. The ringleader, Roy Schestowitz, manages a team of people (including his wife) to do it and they earn an income on controversial online posts driving traffic to their websites.

Tux Machines has until May 24, 2024, to provide a Form 2 Response and a reasonable excuse for late filing. Techrights has until May 27, 2024, to do the same.