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How did crocs come back?


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  • They make feet smell? Huh? They're comfortable and air-y. No smelly feet.

    • yeah came to piont this out. I won't argue the ugly but feet wrapped in socks and normal shoes all day are rank while crocs feet are as good as feet ever are. Say like just after waking up.

    • That’s where you’re wrong my friend! My feet get moist with our without socks and I had a pair that I used sockless for a while and they got naaaasty after a few days use. Now, I will say that they wash out nice and easy but if you’re going sockless with juicy feet for any amount of time it makes a very special kind marinade. 3/10 do not recommend.

      • Could be a personal issue? Not everyone has sweaty feet. Personally I am the same way as you, swamp foot central.. but I wear socks with my crocs.

        Fuck social norms 😎

        • It’s only a personal issue until someone else catches a whiff 😉

          But yeah, as someone who isn’t a fan of socks having sweaty feet is a major annoyance.

      • I use them every day and I don't have that problem, sorry~

        • Oh no need to be sorry, I was just sharing my awful life experience lolol.