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Stargate Timekeepers Part 2 not released on time, seemingly no word from publisher/developer

After a series of delays and false starts, Stargate Timekeepers got a partial release in January 2024 with part 1 of 2 containing the first 7 levels of the game. The second part was advertised to be released in April 2024.

On the Slitherine website there is now no mention of April, and the release of the second part is simply stated as "later in 2024". GOG still says part 2 will be available in April, despite that date having passed.

There was an update released mid-April that adds 2 small features and some bugfixes, although the bug fixes do not seem to address the serious issue I experienced where all interactive environmental elements permanently lock your character in place (to be fair I haven't installed the update yet to check).

I do wonder if we will ever get the rest of this game. I suspect they have already crossed the point where the game is costing them more money to finish it than it will earn back. At what point do they just stop working on it and never finish the release?

Here is the change log of the update:

Here below the detailed changelog is available for you:
QoL features:

We have added a feature that, when enabled in the settings, causes the character to approach the nearest possible location if the target of the skill is out of range at the time of selection, in order to place themselves within range.
By holding down the LMB button for an extended period, you can now place an Enemy Vision marker to check which of the opponents is observing the designated location in real-time.

Voice overs:

We have added new voiceover lines for enemies.

General fixes:

Player characters and enemies should utilize ladders in a more organized manner now.
Fixes to player character animations..
Reducing the duration of alarms.
Fixes for enemy drone VFX.
Disabling Unity Analytics.
Fixed achievements bug on GOG