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Server behind CGNAT - Reverse VPN? Or how to bypass? a short sentence...the title. I have a server in a remote location which also happens to be under CGNAT. I only get to visit this location once a year at best, so if anything goes off...It stays off for the rest of that year until I can go and troubleshoot. I have a main location/home where everything works, I get a fixed IP and I can connect multiple services as desired. I'd like to make this so I could publish internal servers such as HA or similar on this remote location, and reach them in a way easy enough that I could install the apps to non-tech users and they could just use them through a normal URL. Is this possible? I already have a PiVPN running wireguard on the main location, and I just tested an LXC container from remote location, it connects via wireguard to the main location just fine, can ping/ssh machines correctly. But I can't reach this VPN-connected machine from the main location. Alternatively, I'm happy to listen to alternative solutions/ideas on how to connect this remote location to the main one somehow.



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