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Japanese indie dev tells randoms begging for keys and offering exposure to 'buy it, you piece of garbage'

In a recent FAQ spotted by Automaton, Housenka responded to a hypothetical of "I'll promote you, give me a Steam key" with a delightfully blunt: "Buy it, you piece of garbage." Or, as Automaton translates it from the original Japanese, "Buy the game, you piece of sh*t." I can't decide which I like better, honestly. The full FAQ is worth a read, if only for Housenka's sense of humour and an insight into the absurd questions independent devs get asked these days.

"Make this character's ass and thighs thicker," another frequent-question-asker demands, to which Housenka responds: "Accept her as she is." When asked by a phantom answer if the game will add sex, Housenka also proceeds to provide a link to DLsite, an online store that sells doujinshi—self-published manga comics that are often (though not always) pornographic in nature. "No sex. Please visit DLsite for that."


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