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[Meta] Small positive update to General Discussion

Taking a note from our fellow community Casual Conversation (now on, I've added a few links to our sidebar under Additional Discussion Focused Communities to a few more specific discussion communities people might be interested in.

In the spirit of federation, these communities are all remote, that is, located off-site from Lemmy World, while remaining connected and accessible to those here on Lemmy World.

The communities added to the sidebar are found below:

💬 Additional Discussion Focused Communities:

Also of note, this wasn't at anyone's request, so if any of the moderators from these communities would prefer removal from this post and the sidebar, they may message me and I'll do so accordingly.

Please remember that if you decide to participate in any of these communities to respect their rules and the rules of their instance, and that Lemmy World rules still apply in remote instance interactions.

p.s. if you're in growing communities you'd like to get more people participating in, feel free to reply to this thread with links to them!