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[SOLVES]Help with Nexcloud on truenas scale

So I recently put togheter a NAS and now I'm trying to learn to use it. I got a few questions if anyone can point me to some documentation or tutorial:

  • Can I set up more users to access the same SMB folder?
  • How to set up the current version of Jellyfin?
  • How to remote access Nextcloud?

If anyone runs into similar problems:

  • Jellyfin -> if kubernets gives "back off restarting ..." it most likely is a missconfiguration, what worked for me was enabling automatic permission to the folder with movies and music to 777 recursively (not secure but I haven't tried other permission yet
  • to access all apps: I just used tailscale and added in app configuration route and now it works flawlessly

Thank you everyone for replies