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Telecom Canada

  • Here is a cool website for anyone who wants to boycott the big 3: Bell, Rogers and Telus.

  • Ombuds Report: Customer Complaints Up 43%, Rogers sees 118% Increase Ombuds Report: Customer Complaints Up 43%, Rogers sees 118% Increase - CCTS

    Telecom ombudsman publishes Mid-Year Report   Ottawa (April 25, 2024) – The Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) released its 2023-24 Mid-Year Report today. The report shows a 43% increase in the number of complaints from telecom and TV customers in Canada between August ...

    Ombuds Report: Customer Complaints Up 43%, Rogers sees 118% Increase - CCTS
  • No Frills starts selling data plans as No Name Mobile

    The latest carrier to enter the Canadian market it a lower cost version of PC Mobile.

    No Frills starts selling data plans as No Name Mobile
  • Protest against Public Mobile

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    To all new customers and old customers lets work together to protect and reinstate the old rewards system back into Public Mobile.

    Lets use our energy to turn on the multi-biilion dollar Telus for ending public mobile's old rewards and demand that they bring it back for all customers. I as an old rewards customer was against the points system rewards in the first place. The Telus CEO recently took home $13+ million. We shouldn't feel sad for that person. They were still making a killing on the old rewards. There was a meeting where the investors were boasting about how PM has such loyal customers, but now they're overlooking what made the service so good. Community and good prices. This is the result of years of telecom crown corporations being privatized, the service gets worse and more expensive. Along with company mergers reducing competition and stifling innovation in the industry. In 2022 PM assured us that old customers who wished to remain on the old rewards plan could do so. However on the end of march 2024 they reneged on that promise forcing the old rewards customers onto the new rewards plan regardless. So I have filed a complaint with CCTS that has been accepted.

    -The old system was in dollars instead of points.

    -It was applied automatically.

    -Referrals were unlimited.

    -$1 off for every referral.

    -$2 off with autopay.

    -$1 for every year up to $5.


    The new people should get these perks as well.

    We all deserve cheaper bills during this corporate greed trend in the Canadian market.

    -First contact Public Mobile about this then file your complaints with CCTS, CRTC and to any more regulators that are available.

    -Question the new changes under the announcement

    -Make a new post calling out Public Mobile in the forums.

    -Write to your MP that you were taken advantage of in the Public Mobile false advertising situation.

    -If someone has the means or is a lawyer please start a class action lawsuit against Telus.

    -Contact the Press.

    -Tell your friends and family about how Public Mobile betrayed the old rewards customers.

    -Threaten to switch carriers that are not Public Mobile, Koodo or Telus.

    -Use every tool in the box to fight against this unacceptable situation.

    The divide and conquer strategy will not work on the community Telus. They're wrong about us we stick to together and look out for one another, us united costumers have more bargaining power than they do.

    We need as much pressure as possible. We can do this and get fair treatment as customers.

  • Freedom customers now get Nationwide Data & 5G

    Starting July 24th

    Nationwide data

    > All Freedom Mobile customers with monthly recurring data on their line will have their data bucket upgraded to include Freedom & Nationwide data that can be used across Canada, at no additional cost*!


    > We’re excited to provide you with the latest technology at an affordable price. Freedom Mobile customers on $45+/mo. plans (after Digital Discount) will now have access to 5G at no additional cost**!

    Seamless handoff

    According to this:

    > As of July 24, Freedom Mobile is also implementing seamless handoff when moving between home and partner networks. Previously, when moving between networks, customer calls would sometimes drop, or data would be interrupted.

  • Anyone tried out Oixo for internet-ing? oxio | Internet from a company that actually likes the internet.

    Know where every single dollar you spend goes with transparently priced unlimited home internet plans. No contracts. Free installation. Router and modem included.

    Going to try them out. In Manitoba they apparently use Shaw’s existing network anyhow, so figured I’d give it a shot. ¯\(ツ)

  • TekSavvy puts itself up for sale amid industry turmoil

    It has hired bankers and launched a formal sale process, says sources familiar with the discussions

    > TekSavvy is the last remaining large internet wholesale provider, as others have been snapped up by bigger rivals in what independent ISPs describe as a challenging regulatory environment.

    > Roughly half a dozen independent ISPs have been sold since February of 2022. According to BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Casey, BCE Inc. paid roughly $139-million for Ebox, an internet, telephone and television service provider based in Longueuil, Que., and approximately $335-million for Ottawa-based Distributel last year.

    > Telus, meanwhile, acquired Altima Telecom and for undisclosed amounts, while Quebecor Inc. snapped up VMedia, an independent internet and television provider serving customers primarily in Toronto, in July of 2022. The price of the VMedia acquisition was also not disclosed.

    > Montreal-based Cogeco Inc., meanwhile, paid $100-million for Oxio, a Montreal-based provider with 48,000 internet subscribers, Mr. Casey wrote in a research note..


    Sent an email to my MP. This is a competition issue similar to the Shaw sale to Rogers and the feds should get involved. You should do the same.

  • Anyone on Freedom feeling extra special today?

    So far I'm liking this Quebecor acquisition. 🥲


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