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No more '//go:linkname' abuse


Connecting Hobby Project to LLM

I love playing with LLMs locally at home. The cost of running hobby projects against paid services like OpenAI is too high for me so in this article you can find out how I work around that to keep my LLM infra deployed locally at home and still use it anywhere I like.

Go vs Rust learning
  • You're not dumb. Rust is a hard language to pick. Some people probably think I'm mocking it because I made this meme but I'm really not - I love Rust. I'm mocking us mere humans trying to cope with greatness 🤣And I'm looking forward to the time when I finally "graduate" and become more productive and experienced with Rust.

  • Go vs Rust learning

    Rust Mastery book bundle from Humble Bundle
  • I bought the bundle looking for some wasm, async and web Rust resources. I'm not impressed. The books quality is low and most of it is a waste of time I would have used more effectively with just documentation. It's also true that there are some C++ and C# books in there which baffles me. I've actually started reading one of the wasm books only to realize it's a C++ one few minutes later 🤣

    Once again I see that I should stay away from Packt.

    I think I'll go grab Rust for Rustaceans now instead of all those in the bundle.

  • When your iRobot finally achieve teleportation

    Open Source VS Company
  • There will always be people in both cases thinking they are entitled to the work of others. There will be nice people who do nice by others too, rarely but that happens. We live in a wonderful world and not being an a..hole about things makes it better.

  • selfhosted monitoring tool GitHub - louislam/uptime-kuma: A fancy self-hosted monitoring tool

    A fancy self-hosted monitoring tool. Contribute to louislam/uptime-kuma development by creating an account on GitHub.

    GitHub - louislam/uptime-kuma: A fancy self-hosted monitoring tool

    Seems interesting. It covers the basics and it's easier to setup than Sensu that I use today.