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TIL about de la Chapelle syndrome where people with XX chromosomes are born with traditionally masculine organs & presentation. Usually those with the trait are unaware they have XX chromosomes at all
  • I found out because I was doing genetic work to test for Ehlers Danlos and I'd gotten my entire genome sequenced, so I figured I'd look for other stuff as well. I've suspected for a few years now that I've got some sort of intersex condition for a while because of very low testosterone and a weirdly fast transition, but finally got the confirmation earlier this week and wow my genetics are kinda a mess. Tbh I'm amazed that my code actually compiled XD

  • 2meirl4meirl
  • You could also make this a joke about being trans, but not realizing it yet. In the trans community we refer to people who're trans but haven't realized it as "eggs" because they haven't hatched yet. Anyway, there are the seeds of a good joke there!