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Just kind of makes sense no?
  • Do you really think there's more wildlife in managed hay fields compared to letting those fields rewild? Seems quite dubious

    FYI I'm a reject modernity return to hunter gatherer shill so I think humans should aim to reduce the amount of cultivated land in general

  • Just kind of makes sense no?
  • This post was maybe referring to agrovoltaics?

    The largest instillations in the US are in the middle of the fucking desert.

    Still this is obviously worse right? We're taking untouched wilderness and turning it into a wasteland of blue silica. Deserts are pretty unique biomes with their own set of diverse animal and plant wildlife.

    Farm land is already void of most biodiversity and usually used to grow corn or some other form of unnecessary cattle feed - yeah ideally both get rewilded - but it feels better to reuse an already existing bio wasteland instead of creating new ones..

  • A mother of three says her family can't secure a $1,600 home loan, yet they must manage a $2,100 rent.
  • What if someone just wants to have a place to live and doesn't want to pour money into the global extraction machine that index funds are?

    Also saving $500 a month?? Lots of people pay half their salary on rent and the rest on food and bills - good on your friend for having the privilege to afford that but like what are the rest of the population supposed to do?

  • If global warming is a biproduct of humans, wouldn't the logical answer be to kill 2/3rds of the humans?
  • That's easy. People who wish others to die. They die first. If they are willing to accept sacrificing others, they die first.

    I didn't agree to die. Or to be killed. Or murdered. Yet I have to be executed all the same, because they don't care if you die or not.

    First to die.

  • Labour wins majority in UK General Elections as Tories lose two-thirds of seats
  • Still let's not forget the right-wing policies from their manifesto:

    • Increasing military spending by 13 billion

    • Increase police funding

    • More border security force to "stop the boats"

    • Build more prisons

    • Pour money into polluting industries (car gigafactories, steel production, "carbon capture")

    • Keep oil and gas production in the North Sea for decades, with the only focus on jobs and none on environmental issues.

    So yeah I guess it's better to have an authoritarian social-ish democratic state than an outright fascist one but that's not a very high bar and will only work until the climate crisis boils us all alive :)

  • Do you know how hard it is call a plumber?
  • So you're advocating that because tenants pay the landlord to assume the risk - they shouldn't have to worry about anything related to the property?

    So for example if the door buzzer doesn't work and the landlord knows this and hasn't fixed it because it doesn't affect them - it's okay to just keep the main door always open and let anyone squat and shit anywhere in the communal areas of the building because the tenants don't have to assume the risk of the properties losing value because any potential buyer dislikes the smell of feces? Cool, cool, but then as a tenant what do you propose I do so my building doesn't always smell like shit?

  • Elon Musk condemns the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs) used in general elections in some countries.
  • In my country here's how it works:

    1. Parties provides free food and transport to unemployed masses they know will vote for them
    2. Wait 3-4 hours in queue at polling station to receive ballot in person
    3. Drop ballot in secure box
    4. Go back to work for a few days
    5. See on election day that the party that spent the most on voter courting wins

    How would you propose we deal with this when people who are working (and can't take a day off to go vote) would come out in much smaller numbers than ones that have nothing else to do (and get free lunch and transit to and from the polling stations) and even when voting happens on a weekend you have to trade your only time off to go and vote out of the goodness of your heart.

    I think this is one of the reasons for digital voting - I'd much rather be able to vote from work or home or anywhere when I don't have the time to sit on a queue for 5 hours just to have my vote diminished by a group that isn't politically active but loves a free lunch and something to do

  • Outrage over ‘massacre’ in Gaza as Israel rescued four hostages
  • I mean you could have asked why Israel attacks refugee camps in the first place (even before Hamas)?

    Or do you think that atrocities like "women and children were stripped, lined up, photographed and then slaughtered by automatic fire" doesn't breed resentment? (not that Hamas didn't do the same on 7.11 but let's not pretend Israel isn't at least as complicit as Hamas in the overall conflict)

    I'll admit using civilians as shields is indeed dreadful - but my main point is acknowledging that violence only breeds more violence and that the first step to preventing more deaths is dismantling the current terror state form of Israel, not killing more and more civilians as some form of extirpation..

    I'll leave you with this - if there's no oppressor to rally against, what would give Hamas power?

  • Outrage over ‘massacre’ in Gaza as Israel rescued four hostages
  • I mean you came in swinging with the whole "but why is Hamas holding hostages in a refugee camp" line which is actual whataboutism when the thread is about the IDF killing over 200 people.

    Why not ask why the IDF doesn't have procedures in place to prevent civilian casualties? Why not ask why is it impossible to send ground troops instead of carpet bombing Gaza? Why not ask why does Hamas exist in the first place? Is there a single thing you'll admit the IDF/Israel has done wrong that isn't somehow the fault of Hamas?

    Your lack of humanity was already showing, but I didn't think you'd be so unable to retort that you'd just forfeit the debate..

  • Outrage over ‘massacre’ in Gaza as Israel rescued four hostages
  • You accuse me of whataboutism then you just use it yourself.

    Yes, I don't think Hamas should be using human shields but I also don't think Israel should be settling land even before the partitioning of Palestine. (I mean the idea of a foreign state partitioning land they don't inhabit is insane, but let's ignore that for the sake of argument)

    How do you not see using civilian encampments as a makeshift human wall just as immoral?

    And we can play the whole who started it first game as much as we want but it doesn't negate the fact that even after unfavorable borders for Palestine were established - settlers continued to take over land with the support of the IDF - where is the defense in burning homes and expelling Palestinians from land not even within the borders of Israel?? (oh but it was contested territory you see so that gives us the right to massacre people, yes I am very intelligent...)

    Saying Hamas is the reason the IDF is killing civilians completely misses the history of the struggle - what's next the Nakba was also Hamas' fault then?

  • Disaster is nearing. Mass displacement. Mass starvation. Mass death. It is all imminent. Do you understand?
  • Is it on its way to save us though? Sure the global north might be able to escape the worst and maintain some semblance of normality but how does that work for the remaining 90% of the world? Those that can neither afford nor have the time to wait until the "green energy revolution" reaches them? Do we just accept they'll never be able to reap the benefits of their own exploitation?

    I know you don't have the answers but these are questions we nees to grapple with that nobody seems to know how to answer..

  • Outrage over ‘massacre’ in Gaza as Israel rescued four hostages
  • So then would you hold Israel to the same standard of using human shields that you do Hamas?

    If so would you claim the Hamas attacks on the 7th were justified because they attacked settler towns like Be'eri, whose ideological purpose of existing this close to Gaza was specifically to create a civilian border (literal large scale human shield)?

    Using civilians to protect any military objective (including the land you've settled by force) is appalling - but let's not pretend only one side is doing it.

    If you really care about peace - petition your leaders for a one state solution where both Israelis and Palestinians (no matter their religion) are allowed to coexist and are equal in the eyes of the law and the people.

  • Israel describes a permanent cease-fire in Gaza as a ‘nonstarter,’ undermining Biden’s proposal
  • I really shouldn't have to keep justifying myself to you but I do own personal property to have a place to live..

    Here we're not talking about kicking your grandma out of her single bed flat and onto the street - the main argument is that individuals that already have disproportionately more than others - should distribute it instead of hoarding more and more (especially to ones impacted by historic land grabs) - as in do you genuinely think it's fair for one individual to own 250,000 times more land than the average person?

    Land should be shared as much as possible not being an "investment" to hoard. That's why I'm also against inheritance and have been looking into how to give away the land I'm supposed to inherit (as nobody should ever really own more than one property)

  • Israel describes a permanent cease-fire in Gaza as a ‘nonstarter,’ undermining Biden’s proposal
  • If someone asked you to give back the land you own for free, you'd fight tooth and nail to prevent it.

    As these are words you are trying to put in my mouth - I can only assume it's your stance on the issue, in which case if you claim to not be hypocritical then you have to admit to also supporting Palestine's right to land sovereignty, right? And one could argue their claim is more valid as they weren't the ones that explicitly took the decision to appropriate somebody else's land by force.

    Also I'm not even from the US but because like most countries, mine has had a history of both being occupied and occupying other people's land - I am a supporter of a no borders policy, inheritance abolishment and wealth redistribution, starting from the ones that have extracted the most and giving to the ones that have been exploited the most (and I'm more than willing to distribute my fair share)

    Which is why I am actively doing everything in my power to "fix a wrong" both domestically (supporting immigrants and locals and fighting for land reform policies) and internationally (pressuring governments to stop engaging in colonial practices)

    So "If you won't deal with it, they shouldn't have to either." doesn't even apply here but I'd still warn against that kind of thinking as a certain "nationalist" used very similar rhetoric to claim that if the US were allowed to put native Americans in internment camps, so was he...

  • Israel describes a permanent cease-fire in Gaza as a ‘nonstarter,’ undermining Biden’s proposal
  • Nah - i want both the west and Israel to pay reparations and return as much of the land as possible (not just some nature reserves as pittance) while also apologizing and commemorating the ones that have been displaced.

    I wasn't around when the native American genocide was happening to "disallow" the outcome - but i sure can do something about the one going on right now instead of throwing my hands up and going "well same thing happened with slavery, so I guess we should just sit around and do nothing" while crying "hypocrisy!" - just because bad things occurred in the past isn't an excuse to keep doing bad things in the future...

  • Israel describes a permanent cease-fire in Gaza as a ‘nonstarter,’ undermining Biden’s proposal
  • Yes.

    That's the main issue with colonial-settler states - they colonize the land (via terror and extermination) and then settle either in borders they've drawn up (or even outside if there's not enough resistance)

    Using past native American genocide to justify the current native Levant genocide isn't the trump card you think it is...

    And we can go on a whole debate around "oh but other states got to establish their borders this way in the past - why doesn't Israel get to do the same?" - because we're supposed to be more civilized by now and understand that killing people to take their land is an extremely inhumane and reductionist point of view.

    The whole phrasing around "a land without people for people without a land" is the same native population erasing shit the European settlers used to colonize the Americas.

    If Israel wants to be a brutal colonial state - it gets to decide that - but at least be honest and don't pretend it has some sort of divine right to do so while expecting to not be met with resistance.

    If Israel really wanted a land for its people (while not infringing on the rights of Arabs already living there) they could have assimilated into the already existing population where they are just one of the people living on that territory and not gone for the nuclear option of total dominion over everyone else.

    Which is why Israel is so afraid of Hamas and the general resistance - because it understands the world from a dominator-dominee perspective - they cannot envision a world where somebody doesn't try and take over Israel in return for them doing the same. Since if "every country exists because of terrorism" then the Arabs have as much right to terror and conquest as anyone else - but I doubt you would you defend their rights to do as fervently as Israel's....

    So instead a much less bloody way forward would be to work on dismantling borders for the benefit of everyone instead of stockpiling more and more guns while waiting for the inevitable boom...

  • racism rule