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Boeing 737 skidded off runway in Senegal airport, injuring 10 people
  • The replies in your comment suggest a lot of folks just wanna hate. I get despising a big corp for their cost-cutting measures risking lives, but I don't get the attacks from when their planes were built better in the past.

    We don't know what happened with this plane, and knowing the media, it'll get ignored if it turns out to be a maintenance problem. But lack of evidence be damned, let's just go by our feelings and blame the big bad corporation.

  • The Anti-Semetism is just incredible
  • Yeh, it should be about criticizing and standing against the Israeli state, hamas, and their supporters to be specific, not the folks these entities claim to represent.

  • Texas battles second-biggest wildfire in US history - BBC
  • Well, it is Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas, right?

  • US intelligence: ‘low confidence’ in part of Israel’s UNRWA claims
  • So the US will reinstate funding to the UNWRA,, right?


  • Abandoned babies found decomposing in Gaza hospital weeks after it was evacuated
  • Stop playing interference. This is just mocking victims of Israel's wildly excessive bombing and other destruction. This article is talking about newborns who likely suffered and died as no one was able to take care of them. And the dumbass asks "bUT DiD thEY dENoUnCE hAmAS?!!1?" like it's some sort of gotcha.

  • Happy Halloween! This is you now.
  • Pass that blunt, I need a hit of that

  • [F](Artist i don‘t no)
  • So you don't have to go to reddit to find the source...


    Character is Zempy:

    Artist is Jush:

  • My beautiful cat ran out of luck
  • She looks so sweet in that photo. My kitty, Lena, looks a lot like Tequila, so this news is hitting close to home. I offer my condolences for losing someone who grew so close to you.

  • Passenger on Ill-Fated Diarrhea Plane Says Flight Attendants Were Forced to Craft "Makeshift Biohazard Suits"
  • At least they didn't force passengers to disembark or sit on the soiled seats like Air Canada did

  • Skull 'n Bones sending drones
  • Lyrics of Mass Disruption

  • How AI is bringing film stars back from the dead
  • This feels so wrong to use someone's likeness withiut their permission after their passing

  • Disney Raises Prices for Streaming Services by as Much as 27%
  • Lo and behold, the sight of black flags, many of which emblazoned with assortments of ordered ghastly skeletal figures and formations, being hoisted on the masts once more as they dance to and fro with the misty spray of water. The wind bellows, tugging on the many sails, as if beckoning those ships to sail unto the seven seas. They call to those weary enough of the oppressive laws of land as gusts whistle lustfully in their ears.

    (Don't ask why I did this, I just felt like writing it for some reason)

  • Russian soldier firing an RPG... like a rifle. Ukraine, 2023
  • Dunno, that soldier's army didnt look very strong after that backblast

  • A tasteful nude (shermugi)
  • #824 on reasons why I simp for Loona

  • Bed, bath and beyond.
  • What if... what if we slept on the bathroom loft together? 👉👈🥺

  • In-N-Out bans employees from wearing masks
  • At least the lines will be shorter after they've infected enough of their older customer base

  • This is be every day (by Dolphiana)
  • I feel this. Every. Single. Day. -_-