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Why are so many young people addicted to video games?
  • I was a child with an NES and virtually every Nintendo machine thereafter. Parents said my first language was Nintendo.

    I still played outside all the time. I regularly rode my bike all over town. I didn't have to be threatened to play outside. I dunno, people and situations are different, I guess.

    That said, it's certainly harder for kids now. I have a hard time imagining letting my kid ride a bike all over town, mostly because of traffic and stupid drivers. The free public places I used to hang out with my friends are largely gone now. Plus, like you say, the games are now designed to be addicting specifically in the ways that regularly extract more money from players. It's just kinda bad if you're not versed enough in the gaming ecosystem to know what's a worthwhile experience and what's a cash grab.

  • What universally beloved videogame you just can't enjoy?
  • Oof, I'm mostly the opposite these days. Multiplayer games either have too much toxicity from randos, or they're stuffed with progression systems that actively make me hate the game even if the gameplay itself is good.

    Still like coop games like Darktide every once in a while.

  • What universally beloved videogame you just can't enjoy?
  • As someone whose friends got me into destiny 2 on launch... even if you played through the story it was meh at best.

    I played through the base game and the first major expansion, but the whole gameplay loop just got so boring so fast.

  • What universally beloved videogame you just can't enjoy?
  • That's... an interesting one. Uniquely frustrating from what sort of perspective? Like, do other fighting games work for you but platform fighters don't? Or are fighting games in general just not your thing?

  • Armed to deter cops
  • Okay. But, I didn't say anything about tyrannical governments, either. Only that the 2nd amendment didn't seem to be driven by any sort of slave related anything, per the history presented in the link I read.

  • Armed to deter cops
  • I'm unsure what you're arguing against.

    To my knowledge, the link I provided wasn't a treatise on individual ownership or saying that it wasn't about militias. It was a direct rebuttal to the idea that the 2nd amendment was proposed to protect slavery.

    I was unaware of Halbrook's associations, so thank you for bringing that to my attention. However, even a broken clock is right twice a day. If you'd like to change my mind about this, I'd like to see a direct rebuttal of the facts and arguments presented.

  • You Know Who’s Available to Replace Joe Biden? Al Franken!
  • #metoo was a needed movement, but in certain cases it definitely went too far. I think the "believe women" rhetoric makes sense in the contact of "sexual assault happens more than you think, we should stop completely ignoring or actively disbelieving women on impulse when they share their stories". But some people just took it as "why would any woman ever lie about this, they must be telling the complete and full truth in all circumstances" which is unfortunately how the Al Franken allegations went.