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Congratulations all.
  • Does windows not have any reliable filesystem snapshot capabilities? Because as soon as I learned about this whole thing my first thought was just that it would be easy to fix just rollback to the snapshot before the update

  • SCS On The Road: Fully Electric Scania 45 R Walk-Around & Test Ride
  • It's amazing how like genuinely angry people on steam keep getting whenever SCS makes any post about electric trucks. Like yes they aren't the most practical in a lot of situations yet, but like why are they angry? No one is forcing you to drive them

  • Customers are furious with Sticker Mule’s pro-Trump mass SMS blast
  • I did this as soon as they posted the tweet. They didn't even bother telling me they had done it or acknowledge my message and I just had to try logging in to make sure it actually got deleted. The complete lack of communication makes me even more glad to never give them business again.

  • What makes you feel like you're in the future right now?
  • Wait people like automatic bathroom fixtures?? Every time I go into a bathroom with them they make my life so much harder than it needs to be. Especially automatic toilets, those things are genuinely one of the most horrible things to ever be invented

  • 7 more SCS games until I have them all

    (Excluding the hunting simulators because I own a couple and cannot stand them)


    My best algebraic calculator and my best rpn calculator