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How to make showering not boring?
  • I listen to podcasts on a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. I wish I could speed my showers up though. IDK, I just always feel the need to rinse off my hands between every step, and it takes so long. Example steps: Put shampoo in hands, put hands into hair and uh agitate. Hands now covered in shampoo lather and shampoo lather running down my forehead to my eyes. To stop that, I need to rinse my hands. Awkwardly wave my hands in the thin water jets until clean. With clean hands, move the descending lather back into my hair, then step under the water to rinse my hair. Hair’s rinsed but hands not fully. Hand rinsing dance again. Next step, face wash, and on and on and on. God I wish I could speed it up.

  • A question about running LLMs with an AMD card
  • This link is misleading. For example, the Radeon RX6800 IS supported because it is the same chip as one of the Radeon Pros. GFX1030. Many others are too…though support does not go very far back.